What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps your website to rank higher in search engines. This is not only affected by the content on your website but also the technical aspect of your website. One example is "clean URLs" which means that the url for a certain page has a meaningful name. For example the url for this page is "". Using Drupal as Content Management System also greatly helps because the framework is built to be SEO-friendly.
We have a whole checklist of technical improvements so the websites we create rank as high as possible.

Google recently announced that they will start "punishing" websites that aren't responsive or secure by ranking them lower in search results.

  • Responsive design means that websites have to look great on all devices, ranging from smartphones to tablets.
  • Having a secure website means that your website uses HTTPS instead of the classic HTTP, which makes sure all data sent from and to the website is encrypted, this is mainly important for websites that have logins or handle payment information.

At NodePanda, all websites we create are fully responsive and completely secure!

What is SEA?

Search Engine Advertising is a branch of online marketing where advertisements in the form of text or images are displayed on search engines or social media. This greatly improves the traffic to your website and helps you rank higher. These advertisements can be part of a temporary marketing campaign and offer many possibilities for targeting a specific audience.